samedi 23 mai 2009

Jade Goody

Reality star Jade Goody wore a Marilyn Monroe dress for a party.

She was determined that her two young sons will always be able to remember her at her bubbly best. And she is leaving them with a parting gift of a sparkling video of her dressed as her idol Marilyn Monroe.

Jade has dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for a music video for “Irish R&B star Omar Simons”… The video shows Jade looking eerily similar to the actress and famed pin up…

“It serves as a stunning and poignant final tribute to Jade, capturing her perfectly on film, for ever.”

Jade has dressed up as Marilyn before, when she hired the outfit from a fancy dress shop.

Jade Goody has featured as Marilyn Monroe in a music video made for her sons to remind them of her.

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